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  • The Practice of Healing Prayer: A How-To Guide for Catholics

    By Francis MacNutt

    Most Catholics did not grow up learning how to pray with others for healing or expecting that their prayers could be powerful and transformative. Francis MacNutt, an early leader in the Catholic charismatic renewal and head of Christian Healing Ministries, encourages Catholics to ...

  • Angels Are For Real

    By Judith MacNutt

    Do angels really exist in our world or are they mythological? Recounting real-life stories and miraculous interactions with these heavenly beings, MacNutt reveals what the Bible says about angels’ appearance, their mission, the heavenly hierarchy, their importance in believers’ lives, and more. ...

  • Praying for Your Unborn Child

    By Francis and Judith MacNutt  

    What might happen if expectant mothers and fathers learned to pray for their babies even before birth? Sharing their conviction that Jesus really wants to consecrate your child, to fill him with love and bring him into His Father’s family, ...

  • Women Deacons Past, Present, Future

    women deaconsBy Gary Macy, William T. Ditewig & Phyllis Zagano

    Three related essays by experts on the diaconate that examine the concept of women deacons in the Catholic Church from historical, contemporary, and future perspectives.

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  • Integrative Women’s Health

    integrative women's healthEdited by Victoria Maizes and Tieraona Low Dog 

    Women have made it clear that they desire a broader, integrative approach to their care. Here, for the first time, Integrative Women’s Health weaves together the best of conventional treatments with mind-body interventions, nutritional strategies, herbal therapies, dietary ...

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