Walk With Me

A 21-Day Prayer Journey Around The World

 Created by Catholic Relief Services



A Blessing For Our Global Family


Heavenly Father, please hear our prayer on behalf of our global family.

…families who struggle each day beneath an unbearable yoke of poverty;

…farmers who toil in the fields to ease the intense hunger of their children;

…those affected by disease or sickness;

…our brothers and sisters who endured unimaginable losses in Rwanda, Darfur, and all places where
mercy and reason are absent;

…people rendered homeless by the ravages of storms, the scythe of conflict, and the brunt of war;

…those who look to us with hope during times of emergency;

…the beasts of burden that help us carry our daily load.

BLESS all the compassionate donors who support the work of relief services around the world, helping them to accomplish their mission to save lives, restore human dignity, and protect the sanctity of human life.



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