Wholeness Ministries

Jesus not only proclaimed the Gospel, but he demonstrated the power of God through miracles and by healing the sick and freeing those oppressed by the evil one. Based on our understanding of Luke 4:18-19, we believe that God is calling us as never before to do the works of His Kingdom: to release the oppressed, heal the sick and proclaim the Good News. It is our desire to bring the Christian’s permission and authority to heal back into the mainstream of all denominations of the church. That is why our message is deliberately tailored to be presented in the language that is comfortable for every audience.

Wholeness Ministries has been called to encourage the ministry of healing in the Church in a wide variety of ways by training your in-house prayer ministry; offering healing conferences, seminars, and conducting church-wide or even citywide healing services.

Why Not Waste Time With God? Along with healing prayer, we are equally passionate about moving beyond a superficial relationship with God to live in intimacy with Him. Churches are increasingly bringing us in to spend entire weekends teaching on spiritual renewal and intimacy using Mike’s book Why Not Waste Time With God? We love leading these times of spiritual renewal and refreshment, whether they are for the whole congregation or just for the leadership staff.

We are also committed to reaching young adults with this epic message of healing and moving beyond a superficial relationship with God to a place of genuine intimacy with Him. We offer conferences and workshops for this often overlooked age group.

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