By His Wounds Ministry

By His Wounds Ministry is committed to restoring the healing gifts of Jesus Christ to His Church, coming alongside all who are in need of His healing touch, in body, mind and spirit.  Our mission statement is: We listen, love and pray for all who come seeking the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.  Our objective is to be focused on the teachings of Jesus Christ as He taught in Luke 9:2:  “Preach the Kingdom and heal the sick.”

Our Goals:

• To offer a quiet and gentle ministry totally immersed in our Lord Jesus Christ;
• To focus on physical, emotional, spiritual, generational, and trauma healing for the individual and for the church;
• To use humor as an essential ingredient in the process of healing;
• To bring the “Word” and promise of healing to the church;
• To resurrect “The Forgotten Touch” of our Lord Jesus Christ;
• To pray for healing for the Armed Forces, First Responders, and those suffering from Trauma (PTSD).

Teaching Topics:

• Intro to Healing 101
• Blocks to Healing
• Forgiveness
• Brokenness
• Acute and Chronic Pain
• Discernment and Your Life Plans
• Care for the Care Giver
• Perseverance in Prayer for Healing
• Encouragement and Empowerment
• Combating Doubt and Fear
• Inner Healing / Healing of Memories
• Generational Healing
• Baptism of the Holy Spirit
• How to start a Healing Ministry in your church
• Healing for Post Traumatic Stress (Military, First Responders, and Civilians)

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