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  • The Power of Healing Prayer: Overcoming Emotional and Psychological Blocks

    the power of healing prayerBy Richard McAlear  

    Illness comes in many forms and too often we’re told to ignore it, hide it, or simply run away from it.

    With decades of service in the healing ministry as both a teacher and one called upon to pray ...

  • Cancer: A Medical and Spiritual Guide for Patients and Their Families

    cancerBy William A. Fintel M.D. & Gerald R. McDermott Ph.D.

    Modern medicine has made amazing advances in the treatment of cancer, but most people still react with shock and fear when they receive the diagnosis. Cancer doesn’t just affect the patient physically; it has emotional and spiritual implications ...

  • Sacred Acts: How churches are working to protect Earth’s climate

    sacred actsBy Mallory McDuff  

    Stories from across North America of contemporary church leaders, parishioners and religious activists who are working to define a new environmental movement, where honoring the Creator means protecting the planet.

    Sacred Acts documents the diverse actions taken by churches to address climate change ...

  • Listening Hearts: Discerning Call in Community

    listening heartsBy Suzanne G. Farnham, Joseph P. Gill, R. Taylor McLean, & Susan M. Ward  

    Do you ever feel as though your life has become a broken record?

    You’re hearing the same song play over and over again? Nearly every human being on earth has likely spent ...

  • Healing in the Spirit: Wholeness of Body, Strength of Soul

    healing in the spiritBy Jim McManus

    Father Jim McManus focuses on the rediscovery of the healing power of prayer within the medical profession and the recovery of the healing ministry within the Church.

    Healing in the Spirit, the author states, helps readers deepen their conviction in God’s healing ...

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