Sisters of St. Benedict

Sisters of St. Benedict


Reflect and Relax


Is the world getting to you?

Are your days filled with coping with one problem after another? Wouldn’t you really like to have some time to spend on what you want to do—and have others help you, instead of your having to solve everything? For once, let yourself go. Treat yourself to that program or retreat you’ve always been intrigued by.

If not now, when? It’s time. It’s your time. You deserve it.

So go reflect with the sisters, and consider a fresh perspective. They’ve been doing this for over 1,500 years.

Trust ‘em.

Kordes Center is located on the grounds of Monastery Immaculate Conception, home of the Sisters of St. Benedict. Guests of all faiths are welcome to visit and relax in the many serene areas on our campus. A grotto, a lake, and outdoor grass labyrinth, and trailed wooded areas are some of the beautiful, peaceful spots you will find here.

One of the comments we at Kordes hear most often is that our environment, both indoors and out, creates a feeling of being a safe and sacred space. It is a place where groups and individuals can be reflective and get in touch with themselves and their personal and professional journeys.

We do all we can to meet your needs while you are with us. We leave the rest to God.


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