• The Cambridge Companion to Miracles

    the cambridge companion to miraclesEdited by Graham H. Twelftree

    The miracle stories of the founders and saints of the major world religions have much in common. Written by international experts, this Companion provides an authoritative and comparative study of miracles in not only Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity ...

  • The Philosophy of Miracles

    the philosophy of miraclesBy David Corner  

    Philosophers who wish to argue for the rationality of belief in God frequently employ a ‘god-of-the-gaps’ strategy. This strategy consists in trying to find a phenomenon that cannot be explained by natural science, and insisting that it can be explained ...

  • When You Need a Miracle: How to Ask God for the Impossible

    when you need a miracleBy Linda Evans Shepherd

    “God makes the impossible possible every day.”—from the foreword by Don Piper, bestselling author of 90 Minutes in Heaven

    When we hurt, we want a God who is big enough to rescue us from heartache and circumstances beyond our imagination. ...

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