The Art Of God

Those who believe they believe in God,
but without passion in the heart,
without anguish of mind,
without uncertainty,
without doubt,
and even at times without despair,
believe only in the idea of God,
and not in God himself.

(Miguel de Unamuno)

The Art Of God

The Art of God section is divided into four separate pages.

They are:

The Art of God, a list of websites on the subject of Christianity and art.
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brushstroke of God

The Brushstroke Of God

The Brushstroke Of God features Christian painters.
craft of God

The Craft Of God

The Craft Of God offers projects and practices for creativity and contemplation.
word of God

The Words Of God

The Words Of God highlights current writers on the Christian faith.



Since its beginning, Christianity has recognized the power of the Arts to enlarge faith through sanctified imagination, illustrate truth and beauty, and turn souls toward Christ. Throughout Christian history, great works of art, architecture, drama, poetry, and music have been created to enrich liturgy, enliven teaching, and evangelize the world, proclaiming the hope of the Gospel message and sharing more deeply the mysteries of the faith.

The same Spirit who spoke through Rublev, Mozart, Dante, and Michelangelo is breathing life into today’s artists, musicians, and authors, inspiring contemporary voices that are deeply rooted in Christian tradition, bridging international cultural and ecclesial divides. Those who encounter their art, are invited to experience Divine Beauty.

In this modern age, the pursuit of excellence in the arts as a vehicle to communicate truth, goodness, and beauty has been replaced with a market-driven economy, secular commercialism, and an internet isolationism. This spiritual hunger in modern society makes it all the more essential for the sacred arts to thrive.

The Sacred Arts come from an expression of the soul that has found itself loved. That soul, in answer, longs to return to God the immensity of His love. The creative arts give voice, eyesight, color, wings to that ardent response of the heart. — MOTHER BETTY PUGSLEY, CJ

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