A Place Apart

A Place Apart


A Place Apart is a teaching community where all types of people can come for a time to break from the world and rediscover the new way of living introduced by Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit.


A Place Apart’s Next Steps

For the past several years, A Place Apart has been preparing the way for what’s next by preparing properties, teaching, setting vision, praying, and listening. Now, it’s time to discern what to do with all that we have begun to discover while remaining in constant seeking, humbly acknowledging the mystery of God.

A Place Apart seeks a “Warrior, Mystic, Monk” lifestyle–individually in one’s life, on a personal retreat at A Place Apart Vermont, through community on a local level meeting more intentionally for discernment, and through communities of persons who have related to A Place Apart meeting for a similar purpose.

Our hope is that A Place Apart may nurture individuals and communities, including churches, seeking intentional discipleship rooted in discernment and the exploration of a new monasticism.

A Place Apart has full use of two nearly adjacent properties on a gorgeous mountain ridge in Putney, Vermont. These privately-owned grounds are made available to the A Place Apart community and its guests, as a home for A Place Apart.

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