A Walk of Faith: Surviving Breast Cancer

a walk of faithBy Peggy Crosby Luther

“Lord Jesus, I can’t do this without you.”

This is the essence of my life, and it became really evident to me after I heard the words, “You have cancer.” I am a Christian woman who prays. I have spent years writing down my prayers in journals. I didn’t decide to write this book; the Lord impressed upon me that I was going to write about this journey from the beginning when everything began to happen. That was probably so I’d chronicle what was happening in my journals. This book is the result of what transpired during the first couple of years after discovering I had a lump in my breast.

Fighting cancer changed me. I learned to fight for my life. Losing meant death, so every day I had to stand in that place of faith. I found ways that worked for me to reinforce my faith and belief that God would heal me. Repeating the words, I am alive, full of vitality, and victorious, was one of the ways I stood in faith to believe I’d survive. I prayed for great faith because I had doubts, Jesus said believe and do not doubt; every doubt was an attack against me. I had other people praying for me so that my faith level would increase. I fought every day to live and did whatever was necessary to insure I’d survive. I did not put my faith in doctors or chemotherapy or radiation. I put my faith in God. The doctors and radiation treatments gave me hope that I’d get better, but I wanted to be healed. (Publisher’s description)

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