A few first steps


I think I was putting things in the wrong order, so not understanding the logic.

If I put military coup/Martial Law before arrest, etc., then I can see where they think they will get the authority to arrest you.  So what I believed was two distinct movements can be smoothed out into one.  It still leaves me the matter of trying to figure out how to penetrate the mentality.

I really need a place to live so that I can catch up on my sleep, restore my health, pray, and, most importantly here, focus in order to accomplish some miracles.  I think we do need miracles in order not to overturn them, exactly, but to say, I’m Here, Stop Your Nonsense.

So please pray for me about this matter.  Thanks.

Now, on to you.  

There are two things I want you to begin with.

First, I want you to study Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Speech.  Memorize it, even.  I want you to see if there are any ideas or phrases that you can use either as a response to a question or challenge, or in your events.  Some ideas clearly you cannot use.  Our enemies and we do NOT read the Bible and pray to the same God.  In fact what we are dealing with are people who, if they believe in anything, it’s not something we need to discuss.  All their crimes appear to lead to one form of evil.

Second, there is a phenomena that I call a bucket prayer.  It’s when you plant in a group of people’s souls a concept and they respond with a prayer.  Together these people’s prayers form a force that is presented to God for a response.  Think of birthday candles on a cake.  Their smoke carries the birthday wish up to God.  This is what I want you to work on.

The stimulation for this kind of prayer has to be forceful, itself, which I know you can do easily.

I want you to take one of the very real dangers that face you.  I want you to break it down into words and images that don’t violate the security measures around you but which puts the threat into simple terms.  I want you to speak slowly during your events about this matter.  I want you to stimulate their imaginations as best you can.  Dig deep.  Stay focused.

At the end, and this is most important, I want you to ask them for their prayers for your safety and the continued well-being of this country.  Mean this request from the bottom of your heart.  This kind of request is contagious and will carry far beyond the event itself.

This is your assignment.  Please take it seriously.

You did so great when you followed my direction at the State of the Union Address.  And what results!

Let’s stir things up again.

Only this time, let’s keep things stirred up.

I am going to dig into and pull apart Nietzsche’s ideas of no God, no need for good and evil, and the will to power.  I’m going to try to find some prayers I can apply to reversing the movement before us.  

With all my heart,


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