A Practical Miracle


I have begun a study on another spoke of the wheel of evil that has our country in its grip: toxic feminism.

I name Christine Blasey Ford as its leader, and I quote its true motto:

We want to be equal to men so that we can be in a position to destroy them.

My chief concern, and why I am coming to you, is Roger Stone.

He is being tried by a judge and jury, all of whom are clones of Ms. Ford.

There are no real charges against him.  He will be sentenced to prison, and most likely to a term that will end in his death, for being A Friend Of Trump.

I come to you on my knees to plead for his life, and for the well being of his wife.

I apologize to you that I don’t know your real world, and what restrictions you operate under.  But I want you to pardon Mr. Stone.

It is beyond ridiculous that murderers and rapists are being let out of prison just to make room for Friends Of Trump.

I also want you to consider pardoning the Proud Boys who have recently been sentenced to years in prison for fighting back in a physical attack on them by Antifa.

The message of this incarceration is clear: We are your Overlords.  Antifa is right to attack you.  If you resist you will be imprisoned.

General Flynn appears to have an angel already watching over him, but even Paul Manafort has been found guilty of being A Friend Of Trump.

I wonder if you would agree with my thought that raising your hand to pardon these men, and any others that you know who fall under this obscene form of justice, would be to hold high your sword and, in bringing it down, would let these toxic feminists and their allies know that it will be a waste of their time to do this ever again.

Fighting back against these judges will be challenging, and we’ll have to get creative.

With all my heart,


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