A Primer on Spiritual Warfare


I think that perhaps some training in spiritual warfare may be to your benefit.

I married under the direction of God.  It was to turn out to be my main training in learning spiritual warfare in the real world, not just through visions and study.

My husband had one goal in mind for our marriage: to capture my son so he could turn him into his sexual slave.

Getting rid of me was his obstacle.

At first he thought that creating scenes that he could use to arrest me was his best bet to gain custody of the children.

But that didn’t go as well as he wanted.  He actually got angry with me for not getting angry at him during a fight.

So he decided to get creative.  But not without God’s help.

One day I followed God’s instructions for me for the day exactly.  They were strange little things.  But I did them.

The next day Randy had me arrested for kidnapping the children and taking them to Maine (where my family lived).

He was “inspired” by my strange little actions and the arrest occurred even though I was arrested in the house next to the marital home in Maryland.

So not in Maine.

The case was eventually dismissed, but Randy used it to promote his case.

What a desperate woman I was.  How I would do anything to not let him have access to the children.  Etc.

Because I knew that I was in spiritual battle I said nothing at all unless directly asked a question.  (This might explain why I advised you as I did yesterday.)

And, oddly, no one ever asked me about my kidnapping the children.  Everyone assumed it was true.

So for years I was the desperate woman who kidnapped the children.

Which wasn’t that hard to live with.

One day, Randy was representing himself in court.  He called me to the stand, stood up, and asked me, “Isn’t it true that I had to have you arrested because you kidnapped the children and took them to Maine?”

So I got to reply, “No.  It was a false arrest and the case was thrown out of court.”

As I sat there I watched as this huge woven net came up and swallowed Randy.

God had misled Randy, tricked him into making an act against me, which eventually brought about Randy’s defeat.

The divorce process took eight years in all.

It took almost that long to trap Randy.

But I did it.

Maryland’s laws were drawn up by Roman Catholics.  There is a law on the books that actually states that men are the kings of their castles.  They get all the privileges they want.

I knew women who avoided divorce for fear of losing their children completely.  One woman actually lost her children, even the one that was a suckling on her breast.

I wound up with complete physical and legal custody.  And Randy could only see the children if they wanted to.  They never did.

I wanted to tell you this story as an example of how God can slip into a battle quite unseen (except by me or you) and mess with things in ways that no one would guess would be the absolute solution to the problem.

Now on to spiritual warfare.

I, myself, have a list of twelve weapons that I rely on in battle.  However, the most powerful form of battle is when I have no weapons.  It’s called, Fighting With Empty Hands.

Now my weapons would have little use to you.  You are dealing with evil, for sure, but you have a different battle field than I have ever had.

So I have started hunting around for your weapons.  I found some, and I even thought up one on my own.

Here is what I have so far:

One: The Espionage Act.  Given that the basis of your horrible crime is a telephone call with the Ukrainian president, that material is classified.   Or was until you declassified it.  So any misuse of it is a violation of law.

Two: Thou Shalt Not Investigate Biden.  Which is, of course, nonsense.  There is no rule that prevents someone campaigning for office from being investigated for a crime.  Besides, he may not be campaigning much longer, his son is not campaigning for any office, and even if Biden does become the Democratic nominee, the people knowing that he could be open for blackmail is an important thing for them to know about our next potential president.

In addition, this is an example of what I now call, The Two-Headed Sin (it’s fine when I do it; it’s a crime when you do it).  You can’t investigate Biden, but were yourself investigated from the minute you decided to run for office.

Three: Vinnman, the military officer who felt queasy about a telephone call that he overheard.  Some officer.  Did his commanding officer give him permission for all of this?  Doesn’t he work in the White House?  There’s something funny going on here.

Four: You are being given no access to your Constitutional rights of due process.  In fact, you are being stripped of them.

Five: Quid Pro Quo.  This is not only not illegal, but didn’t Bernie Sanders just the other day announce of list of if-this-then-thats with Israel?  And how about Biden and his tape and attempted “blackmail” of Ukraine?

Six: (this one is mine) The Democrats cannot wait until the election, it seems, or for other ways of taking over this country.  So the House of Representatives, through this “legal” process,” has seized this country and is turning it a Communist Totalitarian State.  If we go along with this then we are agreeing to turning our country over to these Communist leaders.

When I find more, I’ll pass them on to you.

With all my heart,


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