A rough night


First, please don’t worry.  I always take a person wanting to kill me very seriously.

Second, during the night Obama turned into a flashing red light.  Take heed.  I certainly am.

This is a very dangerous man.  Watch his every breath.

During the 2016 elections I did not pray for you.  Instead every night of the election period I prayed a prayer of exorcism for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Denise Richards.  I prayed that their evil be purged from this country.

And, as far as I am concerned, my prayers were answered.

I am going to use that model and pray a prayer of exorcism to have the evil of George Soros removed from our society.

Perhaps I will also pray this again for Obama.

Put it in terms of this “new government” that threatens us.

Perhaps I have another trio of evils before me concerning this: Obama, Soros, and Queen Elizabeth.

We may have before us a real second civil war.  If they are successful in their move against you, then this country will fight for you.

I am so angry that I do not have the facilities I need to work on a miracle around this.

Something very serious is happening and my challenge is to find a way to see clearly what it is.

I know that in life sometimes you a have to be defeated in order to win the battle.  This has been true in my life.

I pray that it will not be necessary in yours.

With all my heart,


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