A whisper

During their reign, Bill and Hillary Clinton prayed to me.

Thinking that they needed an intercessor they “worked” with a priest named William Stafford, who was then teaching at the Virginia Theological Seminary (where I studied).  He then went on to become the dean of the Sewanee School of Theology.  And last I heard he was somewhere out on the West Coast teaching.  (A thoroughly nasty fellow.)

The Clintons prayed for time.  They needed a delay before a vote (if I remember rightly).

Their prayer was answered with a historic snowfall that closed the city for many days.

The Clintons were happy.

God was not.  I can’t remember what the rupture was about but it seemed to me that it revealed the true character of those two.  And no prayers from them were considered by God after that.

So here is another weapon for you: You are allowed to believe in God; you are allowed to have God believe in you; and you are allowed to have a spiritual adviser / prayer counselor.

(By the way, it’s getting very cold where I am and making it even more difficult to live in a car.  So we may try to go somewhere warmer.  So if you don’t hear from me it may be that I no longer have access to a computer.)

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