An update

I forgot that if I let a cold breeze hit my neck during the night I will wake up with pneumonia.

So the other night, when it got down into the 20s, I made that mistake.

I’ve worked against the building illness with orange juice and chamomile tea, and sitting in the sun when there is actually sun shining in the sky.

And it worked for a few days.  But the illness is sinking deeper into me.  It’s down into my diaphragm, and it’s getting harder to breathe.

And fever is taking over my body.

I have no place to rest and recoup, I just have to keep going.  Living in the rain and cold.

But I haven’t stopped serving you.

I created a dome over the United States made of God’s essential material.  And I feel like it’s working nicely.  I can’t see any of the “dreaded impeachment process” finding its legs and landing on the Earth.

I’ve increased the prayer by praying for a very gentle sprinkle of “God Rain” that will wash the mind-washing that is so apparent.

I’ve been too sick these past days to check in and see if it’s taking an effect.

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