Extinction USA: Law & Order


As I considered the Queen’s lust for absolute monarchy and saw how other countries around the world appear to be going down the same path, I found myself looking at America.  It was then that all these pieces I’ve been carrying in my pocket for so long finally fit together to form a picture.

I was like others and just thought that the push to legalize illegal immigration was a means to throw elections.  Which it probably is.  But that answer left out so many other things going on.  Even at our Southern Border.

And it finally gave me the view of George Soros that I have been seeking.  The man who openly admits to wanting to become the absolute monarch of the world.

I have wondered for years why my prayers against him have had little or no effect.  With this understanding I found that I knew who he was.

A piece of good news about this is that I have gone against two other men with the same structure and defeated them.

A piece of bad news about this is that those men were priests so I had access to them.  I am neither a business man nor a politician, so have no access to him.

So I turn to you.

Bring to mind how people generally imagine hell: all flames actively burning all the time.  Now imagine that this is the make-up of George Soros.  I want you to think of ways that you have to douse these flames.  In any way that you can.  Most especially destroy any connection our government bureaus have with this man.

If we see everything going on as the simple push to take over the power of the United States with one of the ends being the extermination of those that oppose George as our Great Leader, then I think a response may be easier to frame.

His method is to imitate a cancer: slowly, little-by-little, coming in and corrupting one cell at a time until death is accomplished.

We cannot take one cancerous cell movement of George Soros lightly.

The voice of this cancer is, Don’t You Care About This?  What is wrong with you?

Today let’s look at a few of his biggest movements in this country.

Criminal Justice Reform

One perfect example of how George Soros is forcing us to get rid of institutions like prisons and bail and a reasonable prosecution of crime is the way he is buying defective lawyers to get into positions of power.

Sandra Doorley, District Attorney of Monroe County in New York is up for reelection.  She is facing a barely competent attorney who has received $800,000 from George Soros.  Most of the money is being spent on negative assertions about Ms. Doorley.

And this is clearly what has been happening across our country for a while now.

Once George’s people get in, then our justice system turns to mush.

If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to form a task force that follows every election that George is involving himself in.  And then actually do something for our candidates.  Get people to speak out for them.  Urge the people of the area to rise up.  Anything and everything you can do.

Open Borders

It strikes me that there are two acts that will go a long way to stopping what is going on down there:

First, declare the drug cartels to be terrorist organizations.  This will allow you to bring in military to the worst places, and allow our defense forces to address them appropriately.

Second, update the computer programs that keep the data on our criminals so that the criminal’s status is recorded.  Accurate recording will go a long way towards being able to make strong assertions.

Sanctuary Cities

These are just cesspools that are literally breeding executioners for citizens of this country.  They must be hosed down and eliminated.  You have got to toughen up on them.  Draw a line that their despot rulers cannot cross.  Don’t just threaten them with bringing them more illegal aliens, do it.

Do anything you can.

The Second Amendment

Every little chipping away at people’s freedom to own guns straight out is just a spread of the cancer, no matter how reasonable the arguments may sound.  It’s like a web is closing in around those citizens who own guns.

You must begin to push back hard against this movement.

I am beginning to agree with those who assert that the owning of guns is a Constitutional right that has no restrictions.  I think we need to aim at that.

Even Beto has admitted that he would seize guns if president, and, yes, it would be done by force.

Which is just a misstatement of his real intention: we are coming to kill you if you are not part of George’s New Society.

I want you to use the following statement at every one of your events and even at your press briefings:

Today criminal acts are being legalized and acts of morality and faith are being criminalized.

Then go on: Because of this I urge as many law-abiding nationalists to arm themselves and get the necessary training.  We need to form citizen militias, as is written in our Constitution, to protect ourselves, our families, our churches, and our nation.


I want this to be your mantra from now on.

First, it will strongly unite the souls, something I have been urging you to do.  But it will also be a strong message to George that we are ready to take him on.

We don’t need Congress to pass laws to help us.  We don’t need permission from these corrupt politicians.

We Can Do It Ourselves.

Man, you are doing incredibly.  I am so impressed.

With All My Heart,


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