God The Enigma

First I want to take a minute and apologize to you if I have seemed distracted and inattentive to you lately.  A couple of things have happened to me.  First, I’ve received an eviction notice, which adds a new level of complexity to my life.

Second, my relationship with God the Father has changed significantly.  I’ve gone from being “under” him to standing beside him.  Not as a complete equal yet.  I am now, technically, in my Second Level of Learning.  With the word “learning” giving me the feel that I’ve graduated from my first level and am now in God’s Graduate School.  And beginning to write my own thesis.  But what it really feels like is that I’m no longer a tadpole and have to figure out what to do with legs that let me jump and a tongue that lets me catch bugs.

But now on to you.

I’ve been avoiding this writing, to be honest.

Concerning the betrayal you were made to suffer at the hands of some Senate Republicans, God’s official position is, “Rejoice, give thanks, and sing.”

I’ve been faced with an endless number of instances like this: where the answer to the prayer makes no sense whatsoever.

I tend to label these times as, “God Is Up To No Good,” which means that we are looking at something on its surface, but underneath God is up to something that we can’t perceive.

Trust me.  We can’t perceive what’s going on.

Each and every time I have been faced with a situation like this I have made an assumption of what is going on. 

I have been 100% wrong.



And I know God.  Have been before him for 63 years as a human.

And, still, I always get it wrong.

But will I assume I know what he’s up to at some point in spite of my record?  Absolutely.

And I’ll be proven wrong yet again.

So what this brings me to is the matter of Lent.

We are in the season of Lent, that period before Easter where we get to focus on things like corruption, bribery, and betrayal.

Sound familiar?

The two major bad actors in Lent are Caiaphas and Judas.  Caiaphas, the High Priest, was the man who convinced the church that Jesus must die in order to save the church.

Judas, an apostle of Jesus, was paid by Caiaphas 30 pieces of silver to identify Jesus to the centurions so they could arrest Jesus.  Judas did this with a kiss.

Really, really bad guys.  Right?

Well, not in God’s eyes.

These are the two men before whom we should bow and give thanks.

Because these are the two men whose acts allowed God’s plan for Jesus (to be sacrificed) to come to fruition.

And they bore a heavy cost for these acts.

Judas committed suicide.

So here we are being given a chance by God to wait and watch and see what seeds these twelve Senators planted bloom into. 

Good number, though, for them, don’t you think?

I have decided that when I begin my foundation for establishing God’s church here on Earth (with the focus on unification), I am going to name it, i timí.

It means, the price.

It is from scripture:

“30 pieces of silver, the price of him that was valued.”

You are doing great.

My coat is cleaned if you ever want to meet with me.

With love and admiration,


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