God’s Vision Of Your State Of The Union Address

(with some thoughts of my own)

God’s Vision

You hold your SOTU address in the Senate Chamber.  It is lowly lit.  There are a limited number of guests.  I am there.

It is somber and quiet.

A priest opens the address with prayer.

When you speak, you speak only about how this nation and you, personally, owe a great deal to God for his blessings.

That all that we have that is good comes from God.  And for all those things that have caused us suffering, God is there to call upon.

That faith is the ground that this country was founded on, and it is what we call on in our darkest hours.

There are no remarks that can be identified with either political party.

There are no references to any issues that Congress is considering.

For God, that’s it.

My thoughts

First.  I was raised by God.  I had my first vision around the age of three.  Most of my life I have had visions of what God calls his “works and wonders,” (think Noah’s flood). 

For us, though, he has wanted to make it rain so hard that the sun is blacked out.  This goes on until the nation calls on me to lead it in prayer.  

All this is to prove God’s power to create things, even unwanted things, for us.  But that underneath it all there is his love for us expressed in the stopping of the rain.

It strikes me that God may be asking you to focus a light on him so that such a drastic measure does not have to be taken. 

I also think that not only would you be stepping into the shoes of someone acknowledging God for the great blessings you have had in your life, but you may also be stepping into God’s shoes themselves by telling the people of this nation how much God loves them. 

And wants to help them in their turmoil.

Second.  I have been publishing on my blog parts of a book about blessing your enemies.  And what great rewards come from such an exercise.

One Lent I decided to adopt a discipline of forgiving someone each day of Lent.  I had for years worked on forgiveness during Lent, but this year it was not just a study.  It was to be a practical application.

I thought it would be impossible for me to come up with 40 people to forgive, but I had the list assembled in under two minutes.  I even remembered my high school Latin teacher who didn’t give out the language award one year because it would have come to me and she was huffy about the fact that I had dropped her fourth-year Latin class.

I took a small art notebook and each day I drew a picture of something I was grateful for for that person.

There were a lot of tears.  Of anger at having to think of something positive for some of these people.

But I got through the exercise.  I survived that Lent. 

And the change in me was palpable. 

So I suggest that if you take this route to include actual blessings for your enemies.  Bless Robert Mueller.  Et alia.

You must be honest and sincere.


Third.  This morning I posted a meditation on how Hosea treated his wife who happened to be a prostitute.  I’m including that post here as a way of getting right to the point of this message.


May God bless you for all the wondrous things you have done for this country and for God himself.


p.s. Your giving your speech in the house is giving in to Pelosi.  She is inviting you to rape her by holding your speech there.  And then she can rant and rave at what a toxic male you are.

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