A matter of choice


This week I face two changes.  They are:

First.  Normally, my Christmas miracle prayer schedule involves attending three Masses within seven days.  There have been exceptions, but rarely.  This year has me attending eight Masses in three weeks.  The number eight, for me, represents the Lesson of Re-Creation, which explains the process a person goes through to come to a point in his life where the past is healed and the future is a new life.

I will celebrate my eighth Mass of this season on Wednesday.

Given that most of my belongings are now packed but with no, as yet, set destination to be shipped to, I find this event most timely.

Second.  For my entire adult life I have been told by God that when I gave to others the wisdom that he was giving to me, I would move on to my Second Level of Learning.  My consistent answer was to refuse this prompting until a few years ago when I started a blog and began to write about my experiences.

On Wednesday I will graduate from my First Level of Learning and move on to my second.

The two things I know about this are that I will work on learning a new realm of God (the first five being obedience, surrender, discipline, acceptance, and grace), and it will be the point in my life when I become free to decide what I am doing today, tomorrow, and so on.

I have spent my entire life being obedient to God.  Obedience is my strength.  It is my identity.  To have this concept of obedience now minimized and another, new, concept, that I know nothing about, replace it brings me to tears.

I will admit that my first reaction to the idea of being free to choose my future was to consider retreating from society, or the world altogether.

Were I to stay active, I would work on:

  1. Unifying and shoring up the church to make it ready to serve as a refuge for people in the Upcoming Battle.
  2. Study healing on a deeper level.
  3. Cleanse the Washington National Cathedral of the female expression of absolute evil (an entity I now refer to as, Lilith) that nested there forty years ago.

In order to accomplish the first task I will set up a foundation to pay for the changes I envision the church needs.  Having thought this over, I would like to begin with a sum of Five Million Dollars.  This will give me the money to buy a house and to have some seed money to begin the foundation. 

The house will serve as a family residence, my center for healing and teaching, and the office for the foundation.  

The house to which God has directed me has one unfinished floor, so will need a bit of work.  I also have very little furniture now.

I would like you to give me this money.  If you would like to meet with me and discuss this, I would be happy to.  It would just have to be in the next few days.

This is where I am:

Julia Marks
4503 Club Cart Circle
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408

If you do not want to give me this money then I ask you to please pray for me.  You have the knowledge and ability to raise money for projects that you want to work on, and your blessing of me would be, well, a real blessing.

Know that whether or not you give me this money, if I decide to go forward with this work, you will always be welcome at my home.

Thank you,


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