Nietzsche (and me)


I think I have struck gold in my delve into Nietzsche’s thinking. The core of his belief is something he calls an Ubermenschen. Its definition is: people whose will is so strong that they can overcome the void of meaning by creating their own meaning with the power of will. OR people who can deal with a lack of meaning.

I think this perfectly describes our enemies, don’t you agree?

I have begun to construct a prayer around this.  But how and where I will find a place to pray is still a dream for me.

Since you are so kind to invite me to one of your events, I thought I would return the favor and invite you to come visit me.

I live in a red Subaru Legacy, with the Virginia license plate, REGNAT.

At night we are parked in the Walmart on Lexington Road in Athens, Georgia.

During the day we can usually be found at the Athens—Clark County Library at 2025 Baxter Street in Athens.

With all my heart,


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