The argument

If you think that what will prevent the Republican senators from removing you from office is their concern that their constituents will then vote them out of office, you are wrong.

The argument is that once you are removed all future elections will be cancelled, and, instead, a permanent dictator will be enthroned.  The dictator at the moment is Barack Obama.  (Thus the newly purchased palace.)

And you might wonder why Republicans would go along with a Democratic-led overthrow of our nation, and the answer is simple.  Think how Hitler convinced the Roman Catholic political party that if they worked with him he would ensure that their churches and schools and institutions would be preserved.

Hitler lied.

But currently the argument is that the Republican senators will be part of the Ruling Class of America.  Money.  Money.  Money.

You will not survive this change.  You will be killed because, it is argued, if you were alive your base would rise up and challenge this overthrow of America.

I tend to disagree with that assumption.  I think the Good-Old Boys will rise up and start a war.

But you won’t be here to concern yourself with that.

Your greatest weakness is your inability to inspire loyalty.  You can’t even get Trey Gowdy to be true to you.

Or the governor of Georgia.

Or anyone else that I can see.

(If I asked you to make a list of people who are true to you how much paper would you need? Would the back of a business card suffice?  Slime Obama has binders full of names of people true to him.  How much do you think Pence is getting for his “good” work with the Senate?  He’s gone from caressing his rifle in his mind to stroking his wallet in reality.  And along those lines, how much do you think Jared is getting for sabotaging your border wall project?  No matter how much he gets, it will never be enough for him and his pretty wife.)

I certainly can sympathize with those who turn against you.

You’ve betrayed me twice now.

What’s the saying?

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

So I stand officially shamed by you.


I tell you to play music that will inspire the people at your events.   And what do you play?

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

I got the message.

Loud and clear.

So you have a choice with me.

I can say to you now, Adios Amigo, and watch you go down in flames.

Or I can dip into my passion for baseball and tell you that you have one more chance.

One more out.

God thought you were going to be able to get us through this hell on Earth.

But you have a weakness that keeps you thinking that you don’t need anyone else.

You know everything.

You even know better than me, it seems.

I still have things that can turn this situation around.

But if you want it, it will cost you.

It will cost you the money that you promised when I first worked with you.

Money that will allow me to live in a warm house with a bed.  Have money to maintain my car.  And some more money so that my son and I aren’t limited to sliced cheese and bread every night.

I also want direct access to you.  I want to be able to sit and pray you through this.  Get to that weak middle of yours that makes you fail when it comes to people.

You are a fine Chief Financial Official, but you suck at being a President.  At being a leader of people.

But if you don’t want me, then, fine, Go It Alone.

My only advice to you would be to try and trick Babbling Pelosi to admit to the country that once you are removed there will be no more elections.

Best of luck.

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