The Election: Your Problem, My Solution

Your Problem

The easiest way to give you an example that sums up your situation is this.

John Bolton has written a book about you.  You are so out-of-touch with the world that you are trying to get a court to stop him from publishing it when people already have it on their coffee-tables and are reading it.

In the book John exposes you for having told the head of China that you don’t care about his concentration camps that slaughter people for their organs.  As you’ve explained, you didn’t care about the horrific human rights abuses because you wanted the trade deal to go through.  People are now wondering, now that the trade deal is defunct, do you care about the human rights abuses in China?

So the bottom line of your problem in this election is this:

Your official position about horrific human rights abuses in China is


It’s a very recurring theme in this election.

Let’s review your position on the riots.

A poor, black woman stands in her grocery store with shelves all empty because of looting crying.  She cannot buy food for her children.  How have you addressed this problem in our nation?

Well, your official position about this woman and the millions like her in this nation who no longer have stores to go to to get what they need is


Similarly, there are those imprisoned in the CHAZ who cannot get out to get needed medicine and whose caretakers, who bathe and feed them, can’t get in for fear of being harmed.

Your official position to those residents trapped inside the CHAZ and are suffering in real terms as a result is


Then there’s this growing problem of innocent white people being beaten to a pulp on the street, in stores, anywhere, really, by righteous black men. 

Some have died.  Some have been hospitalized.  All have been seriously traumatized.

Your official position on these random acts of violence is


Are you seeing where I am going with this?

It’s the exact same predicament with the lockdown.

You don’t care that 30% of the people in this nation couldn’t pay their June mortgage.  Or that deaths from suicide as a result of the lockdown far surpass the deaths from Covid.

One of your boasts these days is how efficient you were in getting hospitals ventilators.  The vast majority of deaths from “Covid” were as a result of the use of these same ventilators.  You sound like Obama bragging about supplying arms to the Mexican drug cartels in Fast and Furious.  “Yes, don’t you see?  When all those schoolchildren were mowed down, I made sure the killers had the finest in weapons.”

That’s exactly what you sound like.  The supplier of the means of killing patients so that the hospitals could reap the monetary rewards.

You think people aren’t beginning to catch on that this whole Covid emergency is a hoax?  That the “experts” change their positions on a daily basis, revealing them to be fraudsters?  That YOU let them be in charge?

You still let them have authority.

People like Thomas Paine / Michael Moore is openly wondering why you are doing this.  He has quite the audience, you know.  As do many other commentators who are wondering aloud if anyone should vote for you.

Just imagine how many people they can convince to just stay home on election day.

And what that would do to the results.

And all because of your rampant indifference to everything that is happening in our country today.  Except for the stock market.  And your slippery shoes.

The Solution

Ask the American people and God for their forgiveness.

Ask them to forgive you for doing so little about the harm that has been done to them because of this disease.

Ask them to forgive you for doing so little about the harm being done to them because of the riots.

Ask them to forgive you for doing so little about the destruction being done to their beloved country.

Know that I am not a judge.  Neither do I have the authority to dispense Divine Forgiveness.  So imagine you are sitting with Jesus, who is a judge and can forgive.  Explain to Him just why you don’t care about those poor, unfortunate victims in China.  Explain to Him why starving the people of America because of a sham pandemic is all right with you.  Explain to Him why defecating on the public streets of our nation is just fine.

For me, all your smirking and joking about things makes it seem that you are taking all this to be just a game.

Well, for all those without a golden toilet, it’s not a game.  It’s very, very real.


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