The Matter Of Illusions


When God “talks” with someone and that person thinks he’s getting straight information, he may not be.  God uses what he calls, Illusions.  Basically an illusion refers to misinformation.  God compares illusions to putting blinders on a horse going up a narrow trail of a mountain.  It keeps the person on the right path, just with a diminished awareness so to calm fears.

But what I am seeing in the world is a whole lot of illusion casting.

The Mueller Report is a good example.

And now your impeachment.

Probing it it turns out to be as soft as a lemon meringue pie.  All squishy.

Are they actually trying to impeach you?

Clearly not.

There’s not a thing they are doing that is actually legal or conforms to the Constitution.

So what is it for?

To cast illusions to mislead the general public.

Is anyone falling for it?

I can’t see it.

Lots and lots of people lit candles every night to Bob Mueller because he was going to Bring You Down.

But who is hailing Nancy Pelosi?

I wonder if they got so tired out by the Mueller rigmarole that they have no more energy for this nonsense.

And besides, you actually have a criminal investigation into a whole bunch of their heroes starting up.

And you are wiping ISIS off the surface of this Earth.

Neatly.  Efficiently.

And Brilliantly.

It is exciting to see you revealing to the world your true Brilliant Self.

And, best of all, I love listening to the screams of resistance to having to show you respect.

Keep it up.

I really like working with you.

Thank you for this opportunity.

With all my heart,


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