The Third Stage

February 14, 2019

To My Blessed President, 

The first thing you did was to encircle Nancy Pelosi and isolate her.  This was so successful that she now appears to have lost complete control over her own house.  She is allowing brats who have been in office a handful of days to run to show.  

The second thing you did was to stand up in front of the world and deliver your State of the Union Address.  In it you showed your abundant gratitude to the people of this nation, and you communicated God’s love for all.  You even let the line, “God is here on Earth,” slip out.  

I was sincere when I said that your offering the love of God to the nation resulted in God backing off from his plans to Let It Rain.

I can’t tell you how moved I was when I realized that I no longer heard his drum beat.

Now, I think, it is time for you to move on to your next stage.

I have been praying.  These are my thoughts.  Some of what I write might not appeal to you, but I ask you to read it through and then see what you think.

When I began praying what came immediately to my heart was your promise.

You said that you were giving Congress three weeks to come up with a satisfactory budget that would go to securing our country from invasion.  And if they failed, you would shut the government down again. 

You had prefaced all this with threats that you would keep the government shut down for as long as it took.

You gave the country a breather, but you stood strong with your commitment to making this great nation safe again.

This was a promise to the country.  And we cheered. 

Now the three weeks are almost up.

The committee has failed. 

Not only is it giving you almost nothing in the budget, it is demanding that you release known criminals into our society so they can harm us and commit election fraud.

It is both an attempt to prove to the world that you are weak, and a ruse to cover up something more dangerous.  

Something is very much afoot, but that is a matter for another time.  (McConnell has been considering fleeing the country.)

So the first thing on my mind is that you made a promise. 

If you break that promise, if you don’t get what you have demanded, you will lose the respect of your base.

You will lose the respect of the world.

You will be seen as someone who cannot be trusted.  Someone who says one thing one day, but changes your mind the next.

The fact is, though, you are not a weak man.  

You weaken on your promise then you are handing over the advantage to the Democrats.

As I prayed on I came to one thought: You must shut down the government.  Or something worse.

You must prove that you meant what you said.

You made this decision.
You made that commitment.

This really is our own Civil War.

As Lincoln could not half-free the slaves, you cannot half-protect this nation.  

It is a matter of all-or-nothing.  

You asked for this job.
You worked for this job.
And you have worked to get people to believe in you.

So here is how I officially see this matter.

God has given you a weapon.  This is a great, great honor.  

So pick it up your Axe of God and bring it down on the heads of your enemies: Pelosi and McConnell. 

I have my own language and my own way of thinking.  

I see Authority and Power in a very certain way:

Authority is the power to say, “No.”
Power is the strength to say, “Yes.”

In my realm, authority is seen as a something given to a man.  Power is the weapon of the woman.  

So I want you to claim the absolute authority of your job. 
I want you to claim the absolute authority of your ship.

I moved to the Washington, D. C., area in my twenties because I was to assigned to work with a president.  Now I am 66.

But the honor of working with you has made it very much worth the wait. 

With profound respect,



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