Thoughts on chaos


Let’s get numbered.


You have before you laws that were created by your predecessor and his friends in order to change the population in this country for the purpose of effecting an internal take-over so that this country could be turned from a Democracy to a dictatorship, even, perhaps, a caliphate. 

They were created to effect treason. 

They are, in essence, laws that are not only unconstitutional but are illegal in themselves.

It is illegal to allow people to come into this country at will.  To allow it is to violate laws that disallow it.

There must be some mechanism that can uproot these laws and dispose of them once and for all.


If we have a million people streaming into this country because they can, then We Are At War.

Pick your war: The Revolutionary War where we had to go against another country’s unjust laws over us.

The Civil War where we had to go against our own immorality.

If we are at war, why are there only a handful of soldiers at the border? 

Why are we not taking this seriously?  

The Pentagon talks of giving you money for a wall.  

But they should be talking about giving you every single spare soldier to protect and defend our border.

Your discussing demanding money to build the wall NEXT YEAR isn’t helping. In fact, it’s hurting. You are telling us, “Not now. Later. I’ll get to it.”

Would you have deployed a few thousand soldiers to fight in World War II? How is our situation different? There are forces that are working together to actively take over this country.

This problem is not a construction project. It can’t be done in nice planned-out stages. It has to be done NOW.

Let ICE do their job again. 


Alaska was intelligent enough to send their National Guard. 

Why are you not requesting / requiring other states to do so? 


This is something I would only share with you.

Last fall when I was praying about these caravans, prayers that had some limited success, one prayer I made was to hedgehogs.  

Why hedgehogs?

Because hedgehogs eat cockroaches.

All I could “see” when praying before pictures of the caravans was streams of cockroaches.

War is not cute.  Or sweet. Or gentle.


I’ve changed my mind about what is in your hand.  I thought it was an axe.  Now I see that it is a hammer.  Stop holding it like a girl and seize it like a man.

I have a choice in my life.  I can stay and work with you and the church.  Or I can retreat from the world until the situation gets so bad that you actually need me to save the world from God’s outrage.

If you need me to walk beside you for an hour or a day, just ask.  I’m just down the road.  

If you need me to listen in on a meeting in order to tell you who is lying to you and who has your back, just ask. 

If you need me to come and lay my hands on you and pray you through what is eating you up inside, just ask. 

Ask anything you want of me. 

I am yours for the asking.


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