Time and place

Good morning,

As per your instructions, I am now in Athens, Georgia.  Bill Riggs, the man who once plotted with his fiance to shoot me and make it look like a suicide, and twice tried to evict me, paid the expenses for the move.

This event is the second miracle in a five-miracle series that I am working on.

The first was a healing that was so spectacular it even impressed me.  Bill’s funding was the second.  The third miracle was to find a house down here that could serve as both the offices for the foundation and as a residence.  I have found an almost perfect house for this.  One great point about it is that it is nestled in the woods so will make a perfect retreat, and I can put up a statue of Jesus Christ and know that no one will come and mess with it.  Another great point is that it has room in the house where I can build a chapel.

The “almost perfect” part is that the office is too small to hold my files and library, so I will house them elsewhere.

The fourth miracle is finding the funding to establish the foundation.  And the fifth I cannot mention here to you.  It’s in the note I have for you.  It’s not the substance of the message, but can be found in, I think, the first line.  The line about a command I am to fulfill for God.

So on to a very serious matter.  One that stands between you and me.

Love is NOT the same as money.  The first is just the desire to be with someone.  The second is a unit of exchange.  Love is not a commodity that can be bought or sold.

I LOVE you because you are a very sweet man who is both loving and lovable.

I want to WORK with you because:

  • You are absolutely brilliant.
  • You have one of the best senses of humor I have ever seen.
  • You are gentle.
  • You are capable.
  • You are energetic.
  • You do not fear evil.

As I look back on our relationship, I see that it was not I who chose you, but you who chose me.  You called on me back in September to prove myself to you.  I think with this move I am now finished with proving myself to you.

You have not received the message that I wrote to you about recently.  It is a gift that I am giving to you and to you alone.  It is probably the most profound gift that God has ever given to a man.  If you do not want to work with me I will not bestow this gift on anyone else.

I cannot find another man with whom I am willing to work.  Where else could I find a genius with an elfin sense of mischief?  Who else could have forced Cory Booker to beg you NOT to send any illegal immigrants into his sanctuary areas because, you know, like, that would be endangering the people there.

I laugh heartily whenever I think what stupidity you reduced him to.  And, trust me, someone who makes me laugh the way you do is an invaluable person to me.

And Poor Nancy.  She can’t impeach you.  She can’t not impeach you.  This is a perfect example of how effectively we work together.  You isolated her and set her up perfectly for me to bind her from throwing around all that nasty rancidness of hers.  I wonder if she sits at night and wonders what hit her.  And all she has as Speaker of the House is a handful of idiots who have actually successfully driven the Jews out of the Democratic Party.  

Only you, with a little help from me, could have managed that.

But if you do want to receive my gift, then, God being God, we have to follow his rules.  You must be my partner in work, and the description of the gift has to be given to you in person.  With all fairness to God, the gift is a very intimate one, and I can understand why he wants it protected and in no one else’s hands but ours.

Speaking of God, he wants miracles on Earth.  Earth-shattering miracles.  And I will need your insight, understanding, and imagination to help me design such miracles.  

By the way, my ability to access you telepathically is a gift from God.  He opened that door and he can close it at any time.  So if we work together we might need to put into place a means of communicating privately in reality.

So, in closing, YES I love you and YES I want some of your money.  The first brings joy to my heart, the second is just the means to accomplish the work God wants me to do.

St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Athens, Georgia
Archbishop Mark Haverland

We are very blessed to be working with him.  He is the finest priest I’ve ever met.  And this is coming from someone who has intensely disliked priests all my life.  Once someone asked me if I had a prayer for priests.  I answered her honestly.  I said: Every morning I pray to God and beg him not to let a priest will not cross my path.

Please come.  I really, really, really want to shake your hand.


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