Two questions, and a bit


My first question is, Are the Mexican Drug Cartels, et al., attempting to overrun and take-over this country?  If so, that would explain a lot about the continuing invasion at our southern border.  Does this pose another battle front?

My other question is, I am gobsmacked that I am looking at a disjointed GOP Senate again.  Are these members being blackmailed?  Are they being told that if they don’t vote for impeachment, the power grid will be destroyed or we will face financial ruin?   Are they being blackmailed over personal issues?  I can’t remember how I prayed for them to come together for the last Supreme Court nomination.  But perhaps there are different factors this time around.

We are coming off, generally, very weak.  Which is ironic given that we are the strongest country on Earth.

I feel like I need to pray for strength for this country.  It’s almost like its very roots are being eaten away.

I will admit to you that I am becoming frightened about my position.  Since I have been here, reaching out to people for help has been slapped down.  Recently I asked a friend for help.  He was delighted, but I think we are finding that no one is being “allowed” to help me by the Archbishop.  Please pray for me.

With all my heart,


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