With All My Heart

Be gentle with yourself, having your heart wrenched is not a good thing.

And be very tender with your family.  They had what they wanted when you were a business man and now they have conflict and negativity and a dwindling amount of invitations to “in” parties.

It’s not that they do not love you.  They do.  They just want you to give up politics and go back to being Mr. Wonderful and having all sorts of fabulous people over.

Thomas Becket might be a good saint for you to study and relate to:  being put in a position of having to choose between God and love.

When he chose God, he was killed by the one he loved (Henry).

I can’t say that I’ve ever respected those close to you.  Your daughter and her husband never even voted for you in the primary election.  Must have had better things to do than to change their political affiliation.

And your wife openly declares that she likes to watch CNN.  I imagine their constant avowals of hatred for you stings her heart and makes her wish to go back in time even greater.

You have a very serious matter before you.

You can go the way you are being called, away from God, which you have done before now, and just let the country decline into a state it may never recover from.  It’s easy to see how desperate the other side is, and is very open about what they want to do with the country and the people in it.

On the other hand, there’s God.  Always the one to impose conditions on a person that makes his life miserable.

But in our case, we are trying to lead this country, and the world, into a new state.  A New Heaven.  A New Earth.

This is why our enemies are fighting so hard.

They don’t want peace and contentment.  A world where respect, courtesy, and gratitude are the guidelines.

The only advice I have for you is this: if you choose to turn your back on God again, just let your presidency go.  Resign.  Don’t drag things out.

Unless you want to tell yourself again that helping the business side of the country is enough.  That morality and crime are not matters you have to concern yourself with.

Just know that your family has no authority over me.  I can continue working with you all you want.

I can even drive over to Atlanta when you are there and shake your hand if you want.

If you don’t want me to, then don’t trouble your heart about me.

We don’t ever have to meet.

Just let me know what you need and want from me.

I am here for you.

With all my love,



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