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Finding A Home

I grew up a Christian mystic. My first vision occurred before I even went to school.

My visions were lessons.  They began, when I was little, as lessons about how everything in the universe is God.  It was hard for me to learn this because even then I could see huge differences between people and peoples.  Some churchs served wine during the Mass, and others didn’t allow drinking alcohol at all.

I grew and grew.  And eventually the lessons changed.  Sometimes they would take me years to unravel.  Inscrutable epigrams. 

Here’s an example called, The Lesson of Silence:

In your words you will find your willingness to serve God. In your silence you will find your willingness to be served by God.

Eventually I realized that there is nothing negative here.  Absolutely nothing. 

People worry about their relationship with God, and, yet, in this lesson it all comes down to words and silence.

We are either serving God, or we are being served by God.

It seems simple.

But it isn’t really, is it?

I began my study of healing at a young age.  When I touched a deaf woman during communion one day and her difficulty with hearing was healed, I began to feel that I needed to study healing in the “real” world.  So I looked about for teachers and gathering that would help me to understand the mechanics of healing.

When I began to look on the internet for resources I found a scramble of responses.  Very little solid or reliable.

So I began to want to create such a website.


But I’m me.  Not a website builder.  Not even that fond of the internet.

I have a blog that I started when I was told that I only had a few months to live.  I didn’t want to be bored while waiting for death.  I wanted something else to think about.

Five years later, and the blog is still there.  It taught me the true meaning of commitment.

Then, out of the blue, a man I knew many years ago made contact with me. He was someone for whom I had given help when he needed it.  And he is, today, a website builder. A computer guy.

So not really connecting the dots, I told him how I dreamt of a website that focused on the Christian healing prayer ministry.

And the next day, he started asking me things like, What do you want to call it?

And before I knew it, the site was established.

And I began work on it.  It is grueling.  Truly.  But fun.

I’ve had to deal with breast cancer and the horror that is chemotherapy, which has slowed me down at times. It has taken away weeks, even months, from my ability to sit at a computer and focus on the details that had to be handled.

But I have always come back to it.

And now it is something real. 

And I sincerely hope it is some value to people who find the site.

Thank you for being here.


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