Angels Are for Real: A Father’s Story of His Son’s Encounter with Angels

Angels are for real 2By Scott W. Stuart

Angels Are For Real is the true and inspiring story of an eight-year-old boy’s encounter with Angels while enduring a rigorous two year battle with Leukemia. Gabriel William Stuart visualized, spoke with, and shared emotional moments of reassurance, strength, and comfort with Angels. His Angels were sent from Heaven according to God’s purpose. They delivered a gift of peace to Gabriel, his family, and to all who were a part of his life while coping with cancer.

It was Gabriel’s Angels that gave his father an authentic belief in the life, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was also his Angels that gave Gabriel the words to a song that was written for his mother, carrying a message of understanding to what will happen “Someday.”

Oh, someday I know we’ll be together forever.
Come to me and I know we won’t be apart,
but someday I know we’ll be together forever.
Oh come to me from the sky and let our spirits be in harmony.
I know we won’t be apart,
oh come with me and see the moon and stars.
Oh come with me into the sky; I know we won’t be apart.
Oh someday, I know we’ll be together forever.
— Gabriel Stuart (2004)

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