Angels: Who They Are, What They Do, and Why It Matters

angels grahamBy Jack Graham  

Leading Baptist Pastor Teaches the Truth about Angels

Popular myths about angels are all around us. Do people become angels when they die? Are they always hovering nearby, on guard to protect us from danger? Can we talk to them? Many of our ideas about angels come from TV and movies, both of which are more interested in ratings and ticket sales than in truth. As Christians it’s important to understand what angels really are.
Pastor Jack Graham walks readers through Scripture to show what we know about angels and their roles as worshipers of the Lord, witnesses to his glory, and warriors fighting on his behalf. But this book focuses on application as well as knowledge. Not only will it separate fact from fiction, but it will also encourage you to become a better worshiper, warrior, and witness in your own right.

Includes end-of-chapter questions. A small-group curriculum DVD will also be available. (Publisher’s description)

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