As a Man Chooses

as a man choosesBy Randall Corelli

A man’s life is no more than a compilation of the accumulated choices he has made since birth.

This fundamental law and truth in life is so basic and inexorably true that it’s all but lost on the vast majority, save for the most grounded and wise men. There can be no other law so powerful and unyielding as this anchor of human existence: Choosing God is the master choice affecting all other choices, an absolute necessity.

At the core of Randall Corelli’s message is the idea of accountability. Most of the time when something goes wrong, it is the result of one or more poor choices. No choice is insignificant, for it is the accumulation of decisions that drives a man’s life, for better or worse. To get back on the road to success — in health, relationships, finances, right thinking — it is necessary to return to the fundamental truth: God has a plan for each man to live life more abundantly.

Man was designed by the Creator to have a personal relationship with Him, to know Him through His Word, and to be led by Him through the Holy Spirit. Choosing to put God first in all things is choosing the most favorable earthly life possible — not a life free of hardship, certainly, but one of overall peace and maximum benefit to yourself and those around you.

As a man chooses, so shall his life be. (Publisher’s description)

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