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  • The Holy Spirit & You

    the HS & YouBy Dennis & Rita Bennett

    In this book, Dennis and Rita Bennett, tell simply and readably how you can experience the same outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life that has been experienced in the lives of hundreds of thousand of ...

  • Christian Faith and the Earth: Current Paths and Emerging Horizons in Ecotheology

    christian faith and the earthEdited by Ernst M. Conradie, Sigurd Bergmann, Celia Deane-Drummond, & Denis Edwards

    Christianity has often been accused for being complicit in ecological destruction. In response, Christian ecotheology offers both a Christian critique of environmental destruction and an ecological critique of Christianity. It ...

  • The Christian Future and the Fate of Earth

    the christian futureBy Thomas Berry

    “ may be the best guide yet to the work of Thomas Berry. It is as though these essays embody the bonding force he calls the Great Compassionate Curve of the universe.”—Catherine Keller

    “A highly readable gem.”—Catholic Library World

    “Inspiring, often ...

  • Thus Saith the Lord?

    thus saith the lordBy John Bevere

    You can discern truth from deception. Jesus sternly warned,”See to it that no one misleads you,” (Matthew 24:4).

    To be misled is to be deceived. Jesus makes it clear – it is our responsibility to discern truth from deception. This includes ...

  • Listening to God: Experience His Presence Every Day

    listen to godBy Bruce Bickel & Stan Jantz  

    Life makes more sense when we understand the Bible better.

    And that’s what Listening to God, the newest book from Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz, is all about. If God Himself were teaching you about the ...

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