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  • Listen: Praying in a Noisy World

    listen praying in a noisy worldBy Rueben P. Job  

    We live in a world of noise. Everywhere we go, we hear sounds that compete for our minds and hearts. Listening to God requires a deliberate choice to shut out the chaos around us and focus ...

  • Healing a Father’s Heart: A Post-Abortion Bible Study for Men

    healing a father's heartBy Linda Cochrane & Kathy Jones

    After an abortion, the forgotten victim is the baby’s father.

    According to the authors of this insightful Bible study, abortion inflicts pain on men as well as women. These fathers are “silent, wounded warriors” who are suffering from fear, ...

  • Angels: A History

    angels a historyBy David Albert Jones

    The Book of Genesis depicts them as doing strange things–mating with the daughters of men to spawn giants, for example, and wrestling with Jacob for no apparent reason. In It’s a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra spun a tale of one ...

  • A Journey Toward Contentment

    a journey toward contentmentBy Robyn Joy

    An in-depth, 10-week women’s Bible study on learning how to be content through the experiences of life.

    A Journey Toward Contentment is designed to help readers see that the Scriptures are alive and active. The inspired Word of God is love ...

  • Like a Garden: A Biblical Spirituality of Growth

    Like-a-GardenBy Sara Covin Juengst  

    What is it about a garden that has such strong attraction for so many of us? In this beautifully illustrated book, Sara Covin Juengst answers this question ...

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