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  • Christian Healing: A Practical and Comprehensive Guide

    Christian healing

    By Mark Pearson

    Why are some people not healed? What’s the relationship between sin and sickness? Is it possible to heal memories?

    Active in healing ministry for many years, Mark Pearson offers thorough and balanced biblical teaching concerning physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in Christ. ...

  • Heaven Is Real

    heaven-is-realBy Ron and Glenda Pettey

    Heaven is Real is a short, very readable book that Pettey has written in collaboration with his wife Glenda.

    In the Foreword, Wanda Pridgeon, the wife of a Baptist minister, says that when she “heard about Ron’s out-of-body experience” she was “prepared to ...

  • Care for the Soul: Exploring the Intersection of Psychology & Theology

    care for the soulEdited by Mark R. McMinn & Timothy R. Phillips

    “This volume explores the intersection of psychology and theology, but it is not a simple intersection. It is an intersection affected by rich theological and ecclesiological traditions, by the ravages and wonders of modern psychology, and by ...

  • Our Invisible Allies

    our invisible alliesBy Ron Phillips

    Are you curious about angels? What they do? Where they go? How they minister?

    Opening your eyes to a wondrous world behind the scenes of daily life, Phillips shows how God’s heavenly servants protect us, stand with us against a common enemy, share ...

  • Everyone’s Guide to Demons and Spiritual Warfare

    everyones guide to demons and spiritual warfareBy Ron Phillips  

    Are you experiencing an attack on your spiritual well-being?

    Phillips helps you confidently stand your ground and decisively defeat the enemy! Showing you how to incorporate demon-defying principles in your daily life, his basic training manual identifies fiendish ...

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