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  • How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies

    how to go on livingBy Therese A. Rando

    Mourning the death of a loved one is a process all of us will go through at one time or another.

    But wherever the death is sudden or anticipated, few of us are prepared for it or for the grief it  brings.

    There ...

  • Earth-Honoring Faith: Religious Ethics in a New Key

    earth honoring faithBy Larry L. Rasmussen

    Grand Winner of the 2014 Nautilus Book Awards.

    Thoughtful observers agree that the planetary crisis we now face-climate change; species extinction; the destruction of entire ecosystems; the urgent need for a more just economic-political order-is pushing human civilization to a radical ...

  • Now I Walk on Death Row: A Wall Street Finance Lawyer Stumbles Into the Arms of A Loving God

    now i walk on death rowBy Dale S. Recinella

    As one of the most influential finance lawyers in the country, Dale Recinella was living the American dream. With prestige, power, and unthinkable paychecks at his fingertips, his life was perfect. . . at least on paper. But on ...

  • Unbinding Your Soul: Your Experiment in Prayer & Community

    Unbinding your SoulBy Martha Grace Reese

    Next in the Unbinding the Gospel Series. With 40-day personal prayer journal. For small groups ready to invite…

    Unbinding Your Soul is the “unbinding” model for actual, invitational evangelism. Typical mainline churches get ready for the Unbinding Your Soul small group study with ...

  • The Things of Earth: Treasuring God by Enjoying His Gifts

    the things of earthBy Joe Rigney (Foreword by John Piper)  

    The world is full of good things.

    Ice-cold lemonade. The laughter of children. College football. Scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. But what happens to these earthly pleasures when Jesus shows up? Do the things of earth ...

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