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  • Spiritual Warfare Strategy: Confronting Spiritual Powers

    spiritual warfare strategyBy C. Peter Wagner

    Discover how Jesus and the early Church overcame the enemy — and you can overcome too.

    We live in a day when the Holy Spirit is speaking strongly to the churches about aggressively retaking the dominion over creation that Adam forfeited to satan. ...

  • Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare: Wrestling with Dark Angels

    supernatural forces in spiritual warfareBy C. Peter Wagner

    Spiritual warfare victory!

    A biblical and theological rationale with practical tools for advancing God’s Kingdom.

    Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare: Wrestling with Dark Angels is a compilation of keynote speaker presentations in an important symposium that was a public ...

  • Women Healing/Healing Women: The Genderization of Healing in Early Christianity

    women healing healing womenBy Elaine Wainwright

    Women Healing/ Healing Women begins with a search for women who were healers in the Graeco-Roman world of the late Hellenistic and early Roman period. Women healers were honoured in inscriptions and named by medical writers, and were familiar enough to be stereotyped ...

  • Miracles Are for Real: What Happens When Heaven Touches Earth

    MiraclesAreForReal-TP_4colorCover+Treatmnts.inddBy James L. Garlow & Keith Wall

    Do you believe miracles still happen?

    Definitely, you say, because you or a loved one has experienced a miracle – your sister survived a car accident that should have resulted in death.

    You received a check for the exact amount needed to cover this ...

  • Finding God in the Singing River: Christianity, Spirit, Nature

    finding god in the singing riverBy Mark I. Wallace  

    We live in an age of vast and rapid destruction of habitats and species. Yet Christianity holds great potential for healing this situation. Indeed, the Bible and Christian tradition are a treasure trove of rich images and stories ...

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