Bain House

Bain House (Mercersburg)

Bain House Ministries is a nondenominational, nonprofit Christian ministry dedicated to helping people struggling with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through prayer.

A critical aspect of healing is spending time in meditation and prayer. Peace and tranquility surround you when you come to the Bain House to start your journey to experience God’s presence for your healing. The house is located along a quiet country road surrounded by grazing cows and corn fields. Birds and flowers abound for your enjoyment as you sit on the porch looking towards the mountains.

Our Approach

The Bain House promotes a two-prong approach to healing. First, we encourage participates to study and learn the principles of healing found in the Bible. The Bain House offers classes and a library of resources pertaining to Christian healing to assist in this endeavor.

Second, the Bain House encourages participates to engage in prayer with laying on of hands by Prayer Ministers and anointing with oil according to James 5.

Retreats are available for both groups and individuals on a donation basis.

Bain House Ministries also offers classes related to Christian healing, spiritual growth, and prayer.

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