Broken / Shattered

Smashing through our soul’s walls

The process of spiritual growth is a process of growing out of the size and shape our souls are currently in.

Invariably there is in a soul fears that are fed by ancient streams, the water in which comes from memories long forgotten.

There are also beliefs that we know are wrong, but still hold fast to our bank of truths.  While outwardly we may conform to the “right” of things, inwardly we keep the secret of the wrong that we hold as one of our beliefs.

We grow out of our souls.

A child’s soul has little in common with a crone’s.  The old woman has lost all the lilting and uplifting joy that came from watching a toad hop across a dirt path.

And a child has yet to learn how complexity in life, while potential, can open doors to awe.

Breaking through to the next level can be disorienting.  It can come with stripping: having certain treasures left behind.  Or having to learn to walk again, spiritually speaking.

As we grow, we break our shell.
The shards can cut deeply into us, reminding us of our condition of living.
Our breathing even.
Our life.

As we go forward, that may be all we have to go on.

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