Breathing Space As I get older I appreciate more and more how orderly I am in my thoughts.  How I have carved events of my life out of its stream and did my best to put them where they belonged.   Somethings are best kept in chronological order, yes, but others have such a striking identity that they belong to other blocks with the same identity. Yes, I’m weird. But that’s the whole point of my life.  The extent to which I...

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Standing Still I looked out at my journey. And I saw a head of broccoli: All sorts of paths heading out from one stem. Or at least giving the impression of heading out. Because each path ended in a burst. A flourishing. But, ultimately, going nowhere. A forest of trees – but no continuing on. Each tree becoming an ending in itself. So I just stood there. Knowing that each path was, essentially, that exact same as the others. It made...

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