The Sneeze I sat down in my big, over-stuffed chair.  I lit two candles: one on the mini-altar across from the chair, and the other on the little table by my hand where I keep my books for prayer time. I set the countdown timer: 20 minutes. I closed my eyes. I began immediately to feel that sensation that a part of my insides was melting, and part of me was starting to drip. Down.  Down.  Down. Deeper into contemplation. I was...

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In Keeping Still It was a day like every other during that period of my life. A student. An English student. I worked. I studied. I went to class. Circles. Ever-turning circles. But no labyrinth because there was no Minotaur at the center. A spiral of life. Onward. Steady. Paced. Then the day came. I entered the classroom. Dickens. A teacher that looked a bit like Father Christmas. Other students. I sat near the front, to the right....

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