Centuries of Holiness: Ancient Spirituality for a Postmodern Age

Centuries of holinessBy Richard Valantasis  

This book is for those who yearn for a spiritual life that has depth and intellectual challenge.

It is a thinking person’s guide to the spiritual life written for the smart seeker who wants to be fully attuned to God, fully interactive with other believers, fully connected to the wider world in which humans live, fully engaged with the physical universe, fully committed to service to the poor, and disenfranchised, and finally, fully postmodern.

Adopting a literary device first used by Evagrios Pontikos in the fourth century, Valantasis offers 100 pithy essays (800 – 900 words each) on 100 spiritual themes (e.g., discernment, sanctification, ennui, empowerment, habitual prayer), moving from ancient Christian practices to those more contemporary. (Product description)

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