Choosing Forgiveness

choosing forgiveness

By John Loren & Paula Sandford

Forgiveness gives us keys to healing our wounds, trauma and offenses, leading toward a lifestyle of peace, love and wholeness. Includes a devotional guide.

Originally published in 1996, Choosing Forgiveness unveils a lifestyle of forgiveness that frees us from the bondage of personal woundings, and bitterness of heart. John and Paula Sandford, along with Lee Bowman explain how we can turn our lives from guilt, bitterness and resentment to a life filled with wholeness and peace. Revealing healthy ways to navigate through the streams of life, the choice of forgiveness liberates us to face truth, embrace reality and enter Christian unity beyond our understanding. Forgiveness is the ultimate coping mechanism for trauma, abuse and wrongs suffered, and provides opportunity for hopeless situations to be redeemed. The book includes a 31 day devotional guide to assist the reader in the process of establishing forgiveness as a lifestyle in safe and productive ways.

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