Claiming Your Promised Land

claiming your promised landBy Jeffrey Clifford  

The raging floodwaters swiftly moved along its course as the Israelites made their way towards it. Was it faith that kept these men marching toward a river that could sweep them away in an instant, or was it stupidity? Men and women of God do not do what is natural, because God is not natural but supernatural. God’s children do not lok at the problems; instead, they look at the One who holds the solution. They believe that God is the answer to everything and that nothing is impossible with God. They see God as their source not as their resource.

Men of God have been able to endure the impossible, just because of their faith. Men like Abraham, who would have taken his son and sacrificed him unto God in a moment’s time, because God was everything to him. Men like Daniel who refused to bow down to any other gods and because of this; he was thrown into a lion’s den. Men like Shadrach, Meshach, and Aednego, thrown in a fiery furnace because they too only served ONE GOD and would not bow down to another.

Faith is such an awesome and yet powerful concept. It is by faith that we are where we are today. By faith the woman hemorrhaging blood for years, touched the hem of Jesus’s garment to receive her healing. By faith that the man who had been blind from birth cried out to Jesus to heal him, and he saw. It is by faith; we are able to move the mountains in our own lives. (Publisher’s description)

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