Creative Ideas for Ministry with the Aged: Liturgies, prayers and resources

creative ideas for ministry for the agedBy Sue Pickering  

Creative Ideas for Ministry with the Aged is a wise, timely, and practical handbook that meets the urgent need for resources for ministry among the elderly.

Written out of the author’s own experience as a chaplain to a residential care community, it is suitable for ministers who visit the elderly; chaplains, pastoral visitors, and caregivers; and all who help train others in elderly pastoral care.

Part 1 explores the key theological elements of ministry with the aged, focusing on themes such as the sacrament of the present moment. It asks what constitutes spiritual care and conversation with those whose minds and bodies are failing?

Part 2 provides simple service outlines for ‘reconnecting with old treasures’; and includes liturgies for communion services, services of the word and remembering special days.

Parts 3 and 4 offer imaginative ideas for pastoral practices and spiritual activities using prayer, song, laughter, memory, touch, anointing and more to address questions of loss, letting go, forgiveness, dying and resurrection. (Publisher’s description)

Available at Cokesbury

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