Faith, Hope and Grief: Finding God’s Presence in the Midst of Crisis

faith, hope & griefBy  Douglas Knox

“We’re going to storm the gates of Heaven until God brings healing. He’s going to give us our miracle.”

The faith is sincere. The expectation is real. And sometimes God honors our prayers for healing. Sometimes, but not always. Instead of healing, God may choose to put us through grief. When loved ones die, even good Christians struggle to fathom the unfathomable. We count the months by the minute, waiting for the pain to go away. We harbor secret bitterness toward the one who has left us. We become angry toward our family for failing to understand us, angry toward God for ignoring our prayers, and angry toward ourselves for being angry. And all the while we ask, “Why did this have to happen?”

The answers are never easy.

In Faith, Hope, and Grief, Doug Knox recounts his struggle as he grappled with his wife Marie’s cancer and premature death. With poignancy and humor, Doug asks the tough questions, shares his struggles and shortcomings, and tells about the deepening relationship with his God that he never could have achieved without the pain.

If you are suffering from a personal loss, please read this book. (Publisher’s description)

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