Healing Power of God Through Prayer, Faith and Hope

healing power of godBy Sylvia Chang  

This is a story of prayer, faith, and hope in our Lord Jesus for His healing, and the intimate relationship of longing for our Heavenly Father in our personal lives. Through the knowledge of repentance and confession, we build the close relationship with Him daily in order to know His Heart, His thoughts and His ways in our personal lives. By the understanding that He is our Father and Creator, we have to draw back to Him personally and walk in obedience to Him on earth. The purpose of our lives is to live to glory His name on earth. Why do we heed His voice and obey His commands? Because He knows what the best are in our personal lives, and that is all for our sakes and protections. Through the knowledge of God, we are able to defeat the enemies and to live a life that pleases Him only. He has adopted us to be His children, our responsibilities are to know Him and make Him know through our personal lives on earth. Let us give Him all the honor, glory and praise He deserves forever! (Publisher’s description)

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