Healing Traumatized Churches

healing traumatized churchesBy Ronald H. Wean

“Through the characters of his play, Ron creatively invites us into the discussion and dialog so that our individual and community God-given healing may continue. How refreshing it is!”—Rev. Larry R. Welin, D.Min., LPCC, CEAP

“I began reading “Healing Traumatized Churches” critically. However, I quickly was drawn in to the book’s message of hope and restoration. It should be no surprise that dominant culture narcissism has groomed rogue church leaders vying for power and control, destroying the fiber of many congregations. Their paths are littered with broken lives and lost faith, a silent epidemic. But the Good News is that Jesus is still the rightful owner and authority of the Body of Christ. With Ron’s skills as a counselor, a heart of a pastor, and personal experience, the symptoms of church trauma and post trauma are exposed and healing plans identified. I read the entire book in one setting because, as a lay leader, I have experienced the effects of church trauma personally. Thanks to this book, I am beginning to experience closure.”— Colonel Howard (Bud) May USAF, retired

In praise of Healing Traumatized Churches: “Ron Wean gives us a wonderful window through which to look at trauma. The use of a dramatic script will surely allow others to look through the window and be astonished, as I was, that the window becomes a mirror. Rev. Wean provides a way into – and through – our own buried traumas.”—Rev. Steven A. Ingram, D.Min., LPCC, Pastoral Counselor

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