Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse: How to Counsel and Minister to Hearts Wounded by Abuse

healing victims of sexual abuseBy Paula Sanford  

Sexual abuse victimizes everyone – the abused, families, loved ones, and even the abuser. This book offers love, acceptance and healing to those traumatized by sexual abuse, leading them to new paths of hope, healing and wholeness.

Very few authors have ventured into the territory of sexual abuse. Paula Sandford charges into the field with the fierce force of a mother who will not tolerate her children walking through life with spiritual wounds that are not their fault. As co-founders of Elijah House, Paula and her husband John boldly pioneered the prophetic function in the church and spiritual inner healing. Paula shares valuable keys for pastorally counseling victims of sexual abuse from children, to adults who were abused as children. Paula shares the importance of noticing that abuse is going on, describes the depths of devastation that takes place, addresses suppression, regression and frigidity; and then outlines the process for healing to take place. She cautions about “ministry” that devours the afflicted, describes the characteristics of an abuser and talks about the dynamics of trouble and healing in the family. She concludes the book with an appendix of scriptural references specific to healing victims of sexual abuse. (Publisher’s description)

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